Signs Indicating the Need to Repair Air Conditioner

In the summer season, the temperature rises, and days become warm, hot, and long. Sun shines so brightly, and you can feel heat waves everywhere. The use of air conditioners is increased in the summer season to maintain a comfortable atmosphere inside the house.

But just like any other machinery, continuous use of an air conditioner for a long period can cause damage to it. Frequent running of the air conditioner reduces the pressure in evaporator coils, and it can even cause damage to the compressor.

Having your air conditioner not working during the hot day is not less than a nightmare. If you are in such a situation, do not wait and contact the air conditioner installation and repair company. The air conditioner experts understand the specifications of all air conditioner models and can provide prompt service and solutions.

However, here are some of the signs that can help you understand if your air conditioner needs service. If you notice any of these signs, contact the experts right away.

Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling the House

One of the most common signs indicating the need for AC repair is that it is not cooling the house. When you turn on the AC, the duct doesn’t become cooler, or you do not feel the air blowing out of the registers.

It probably means that you need to get your air conditioner checked by professionals.  If the temperature of your house is not dropping after a reasonable time span, you might have a malfunctioning air conditioner. Contact air conditioning experts to avoid serious complications.

Your Air Conditioner is Making Loud Noises

Modern air conditioners work efficiently without making any noise. Your AC should work quietly and soundlessly. However, if you hear grating, grinding, squealing, or banging noises, it indicates that something is wrong inside the unit. Maybe it has broken components inside or has loose belts.

If you hear any noises coming from AC, it is highly suggested to get your AC checked by professionals as soon as possible.

You Smell Bad Odors

Normally the air conditioners do not release any smell. But a strong, pungent smell indicates wiring issues, like the burning of wire insulation.

On the other hand, a musty smell indicates mold growth in the ductwork or dirty cooling coils. In this case, get your air conditioner tune-up to combat these problems.

The air conditioning expert will clean the condenser coils, will check the condensation lines, clean the electrical connections, and will check the refrigerant level to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

Moisture Near the System

The presence of moisture around the system also indicates a problem. Normally it is a minor issue like blocking in the drain tube that channels condensation away from. It does not indicate an emergency, but to avoid mold growth, you should contact experts.

Moisture can also indicate a refrigerant leak, which is a serious problem. Either way, you should address the issues quickly to avoid future problems.

Contact Air Conditioning Experts

If you are observing any of these signs, contact the AC repair and installation company right away to avoid any serious complications from occurring in the future. The sooner you call for service, the less of a chance you have of allowing the problem to escalate to a point to break your system completely.